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amax (brand name owned by Texmate Fashion Wholesale Company which has been established since 2000) is an energetic and creative corporate uniform provider which devotes to supply a diversified collection of customized work wear, staff uniform, sportswear and event-based apparel for various organizations and companies.

We provide not only uniform but also service - a tailor made one-stop solution of uniform ordering. It is our vision and faith in providing durable, comfortable and functional customized uniform wear that suits your needs and elevates your company image. amax offers products which balance among different attributes - quality, delivery, after-sales services and your budget. We provide professional advices on uniform design based on your corporate background, target audience, market strategy, executive goals & industry restrictions. amax has dedicated design team who will combine your business expectations with the fashion trends, providing the most appropriate fabric choices and style constructions by prioritizing your needs and concerns.

Our self-owned factory is located in Haizhu - a city in Guangdong Province with extensive network for garment manufacturing. In addition, we have a wide range supply and sourcing network in Southern China through joint-ventures and collaboration with our business partners. These all becomes our assets and competitiveness in offering total satisfaction to our clients and ensuring product integrity.

We will keep on doing our best and will never say good enough. And here, we would like to thank all our customers who give their support and opinion to us.
Thank you !